Selasa, 23 November 2010


Not just a pretty face,
We should stop comparing our selves,
With popular stars constantly about our
so-called imperfect body and groan,
Most importantly,
We should accept what we see....

Just be yourself,
Don't listen to lies,
Let it all out,
Let out your cries...

The insult are there,
"You're ugly and fat" but,
The truth is you are you,
and that's that !

You may feel down about your looks,
But remember that you're not a model,
and not a picture in a book...

You may not be beautiful,
Your clothes may not be the best,
Your words may not always be kind,
But you're as good as the rest,
Everyone is beautiful in their own way,
Be sure remember this,
Each and Everyday.. ^^

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